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Anji Bai Cha 120g

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Caffeine: Green Tea which is weight loss tea has very little Caffeine, The content less than a quarter of coffee in a similar sized cup. See more about Tea & Caffeine

Steeping Instructions: Add green tea, pouring the boiling water to the teapot or tea cup and steep for 1-3minutes, Then filtered the tea out. Green Tea Steeping Instruction

Ingredients: Anji Bai Cha, 0 Calories

Origin: Anji County, Zhejiang, China

Storage: Anti-moisture, Anti-odor, Away from direct sunlight


We are one of the best tea brand in China. Providing the best service and guarantee, and all of our teas has high quality and the cheapest price, and are on full compliance with EU standards.

About Green Tea

Anji Bai Cha is also known as An Ji white tea, which is a relatively rare tea, so it is one of the most expensive and popular teas in China. Although it is called white tea, it is a green tea according to its production method. It is produced in Anji County, Zhejiang Province, China, a long history of th ancient tea production areas. The tea leaves are long and narrow with a slight yellow. After brewing, its tastes fresh, soft and delicious. In addition, Anji Bai Cha is rich in beneficial substance, especially contains a large amount of tea polyphenols ( a natural antioxidant ), which has skin care, anti-aging effects, it also contains a very small amount of caffeine, which has the effect of refreshing and improve attention. Scientific survey found that people who regularly drink green tea have better immunity and also has a certain effect on weight loss. Anji Bai Cha, Chinese special tea, if you are a green tea lover, you could have a try, and I believe that you will love it.

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