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Anxi Tie Guan Yin Tea 250g

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Health Benefits: Skin Care, Keep Fit, Remove Harmful Free Radicals, Improve Bone Health, Relieve Stress. See more "Health Benefits of Oolong Tea"

Steeping Instructions: Pouring the hot water to the teapot or tea cup and steep for 2-3minutes, Then filtered the oolong Tea out. See more about "How to Brew Oolong Tea"

Ingredients: Premium Oolong Tea, Less Caffeine

Country of Origin: Anxi, China

Storage: Anti-moisture, Anti-odor, Away from direct sunlight


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About Oolong Tea

Anxi Tie guan yin tea belongs to oolong tea, it is produced in Fujian, China and is one of the top ten famous Chinese tea. Tie guan yin is a semi-fermented tea that is regarded as a tea that between black tea and green tea. After brewing, The tea has a mellow and fresh taste and a rich orchid aroma, which makes people enjoyable and memorable. It contains a certain amount of caffeine, which has the effect of refreshing and relaxed. Scientific research shows that tie guan yin is rich in healthy substance that is beneficial to the body, Such as, it has a certain anti-aging and weight loss effects. In addition, people who drink oolong tea regularly have good immunity. Overall, Anxi tie guan yin is a great tea, if you are an oolong tea enthusiast, We firmly believe that this tea will surely bring you a big surprise.

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