How to Store Green Tea

How to Store Green Tea

The shelf of green tea and Tieguanyin is short, and there is the best taste in six months after it was produced. When this time is over, the taste of green tea may not be as good as it use to be. Here are some tip on how to store green tea, which can help you extend the storage time.

Keep away from direct sunlight
Store green tea in a closed ceramic can or iron can, on the one hand to reduce contact with less air, on the other to avoid direct sun exposure, which can change the taste of tea to some extent, so keep the tea in a cool place as much as possible.

Vacuum Seal Preservation
The air can slowly oxidize the tea, which can cause green tea to lose it original flavor. Vacuum sealed allows the tea to avoid contact with air directly, This method can greatly improve the storage time of green tea.

Stored in Low Temperature Environment
High temperature will speed up the oxidation of tea which can damage the structure of tea. Many Chinese tea merchants store green tea in the refrigerator after it is sealed, which can greatly prolong the tea storage time.

Drink on Cup of Green Tea
New green tea taste is the best, share it with your family or friends, and completely enjoy relaxing and wonderful tea time.

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