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Nail Cast Iron Teapot | Black 300ml/10oz

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Product Size: Width: 4.3 inch     Height: 4.9 inch    capacity: about 10 oz (300ml)

Materials: best cast iron, stainless steel

Country of Origin: China

Suit for: Loose leaf tea, tea bags

Care Instructions

Use clean water to wash the iron teapot, then dry it naturally. See more about iron teapot care.
Note: Do not use any cleaning agent to clean.


We are one of the best teapot and tea brand in China. Providing the best service and guarantee. and all of our teapot are made of high-quality and health iron. if you have any problems, we will try our best to solve it as soon as possible. Have a good day, our friend!

Teapot Knowledge

The material of cast iron teapot has certain influence on the quality of water and the release of iron element, which is benefit for health. Iron teapot is handmade, it also need to be acidified iron impurities. Due to the material and the difference of casting method and the technology of craftsmen, it formed the difference iron teapot culture.
Chinese cast iron teapot casting method is different from modern, it uses a dewaxing technology, each cast iron teapot must break the mold after casting, then it can be taken out. Besides, the cast iron teapot is purely hand-made, so it is a absolutely unique in the world, and there is artistic value and practical value. Buy a best healthy iron teapot online, then use it to make tea or as a work of art to collect.

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