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Fish Cast Iron Teapot | Black 800ml/27oz

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Product Size: Width: 5.9 inch     Height: 7.1 inch    capacity: about 27 oz (800ml)

Materials: best cast iron, stainless steel

Country of Origin: China

Care Instructions

Use clean water to wash the iron teapot, then dry it naturally. See more about iron teapot care.
Note: Do not use any cleaning agent to clean.


We are one of the best teapot and tea brand in China. We provide the best service and guarantee. and all of our teapot are made of high-quality and health iron. if you have any problems, we will try our best to solve it as soon as possible. Have a good day, our friend!

Teapot Knowledge

This is a high-quality Chinese health cast iron teapot, it design symbolizes Chinese traditional culture and health. Besides, it is made from of the best cast iron with anti-rust, uniform heating and good insulation properties. Chinese iron teapot are famous for its appearance and quality in the world, and we are the best Chinese teapot and tea brand, no matter in quality, service or price, they are all satisfied with you. It suits for: Loose leaf tea, tea bags.
Please: This iron teapot not suitable for direct heating on the stove.

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