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Black Maple Cast Iron Tea Set 800ml/27oz

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Includes: 1 Teapot ( With Stainless Tea Infuser), 4 Tea Cups, Safety Package.

Teapot: 800ml/27oz, Width 15 cm (5.9 inches), Height 8 cm (3.1 inches).

Tea Cup: 70 ml (2.4 oz).

Material: High-Quality Cast Iron.

Weight: 4.0 kg.

Country of Origin: China


We are one of the best and largest teaware brand in China. and all of our cast iron tea sets are made of high-quality and health iron. We provide the best service and guarantee, if you have any problems, we will try our best to solve it as soon as possible. Have a good day, our friend!

About Cast Iron Tea Sets

This is one of Chinese best cast iron tea sets, including one iron teapot and four cast iron teacups, all of them are designed by a highly skilled Chinese tradition craftsman and made of the best cast iron, which has the features of safe-health, easy-cleaning and rust-proof. As we all know, cast iron tea set is famous for its good insulation and durability, in the process of brewing or boiling tea, iron teapot could release Fe2 + that is benefit for the health and also could soften water to make it more smooth and sweet, thus increasing the flavor of tea. This cast iron tea set is very suitable for office or home use, it also is the best gift for parents, friends and tea lovers.

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