Black Tea Processing Method

Black Tea Processing Method

Black tea originated in China, it also known as red tea, which is one of the six famous Chinese teas. Black tea belongs to the whole fermented tea. Traditional tea processing methods include four steps: withering, rolling, oxidation and drying.

Withering refers to the withering of fresh tea leaves, it aim to reduce the amount of water in the tea leaves and to promote the formation of aroma compounds. This is the first process of making black tea. After withering, the water in the tea leaves may be properly evaporated, which can increase the flexibility and self-wielding of leaves. In addition, this process also contributes to the formation of aroma compounds. Wither methods have natural withering and withering troughs. Natural withering is to spread the tea indoor or outdoor where the sunlight is not strong. The withering troughs is that putting tea leaves in the air trough, through the hot air, in order to speed up the withering process, this is the current widespread use of the withering method.

The purpose of rolling black tea is to increase the color and aroma of tea, at the same time, due to the destruction of the cell structure, it is easy to oxidation under the action of enzyme, it also is conducive to tea fermentation.

Fermentation is the most important stage of black tea production, After fermentation, the color of the leaves changes from green to red, and the tea produces healthy substances.Its principle is that under the function of rolling, the cellular mechanism is destroyed, the polyphenol substance and the oxidase are fully contact, and it occurs the oxidation reaction under the enzymatic promotion. Fermentation machines are currently widely used to control the temperature and time of fermentation.

In order to keep the tea without water, the final steps need to dry tea. Drying is not only conducive to reducing the volume of tea, but also helps to enhance the flavor of tea, and it also can ensure a longer shelf time. Drying usually made by baking at high temperature and evaporating moisture quickly.