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HwaGui - Black Pearl Iron Enamel Teapot 600ml/20oz

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Product Size: Width: 5.5 inch     Height: 5.9 inch    capacity: about 20 oz (600ml)

Materials:High quality cast iron, stainless steel

Country of Origin: China

Care Instructions

Iron Teapot does not suitable for microwave/oven, dishwashers, heat stoves. If using as a kettle, please use a thick close or potholder when holding the handle. See more about iron teapot care.
Note: Wash with clean water.


We are one of the best tea brand in China. and all of our teapot are made of high-quality and health iron. We provide the best service and guarantee, if you have any problems, we will try our best to solve it as soon as possible. Have a good day, our friend!

Teapot Knowledge

Chinese Iron teapot is famous for its good insulation capacity and unique design. Besides, all of the iron teapot use of health and high-quality iron material, with antioxidant and improve the flavor of tea. There is a stainless steel tea infuser for tea bags and loose leaf tea. Brewing tea with a cast iron teapot which made tea has a unique flavor. Drink one cup of tea, relax yourself. Day-Tea.com, The best Chinese tea set and tea brand.

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