How to Store Oolong Tea

How to Store Oolong Tea

The correct storage method is very important, if it storages tea improperly, it will speed up the decay of oolong tea, or changer the taste and aroma, and even produces some harmful substances. So learn how to store oolong tea properly is a very important thing.

Oolong tea storage is easily affected by five factors: air, odor, light, heat and moisture, these five factors will greatly reduce the storage time of oolong tea.

Airtight Environment
Due to the flow of air around tea may speed up the absorption of moisture and odor in the air, so it is very important to place the dried oolong tea in a closed bag or jar.

Keep Away from The Strong Smell
Dry flavor oolong tea will easily absorb the odor, which will cause the taste of tea to become impure, and the aroma will be greatly reduced too. So it's best to stay away from the place that has strong odors, such as kitchen, spice cabinets, and bookshelves may be a good choice.

Avoid Strong Light
Long-term direct sunlight will make oolong tea lose its original color, it also will speed up the unique taste and aroma loss. So it is best to save oolong tea with an opaque glass or ceramic jar, and preferably in a dry and dark place.

Keep Away from Too High Temperature
High temperature will accelerate the oxidation of oolong tea, which will not only destroy the taste of tea, but also change the quality of tea. Therefore, avoid putting oolong tea in stoves, ovens or other places where temperature is relatively high.

Keep Away from High Humidity Environment
Dry oolong tea can easy to absorb the moisture of the surrounding environment, which will cause tea damp or moldy rot. Therefore, the dry environment is very advantageous for the storage of oolong tea.

Please Note: Moldy rotten oolong tea, not only lost the original taste, but also produce a variety of harmful substances, do not drink.