How to Store Pu Erh Tea Properly

How to Store Pu Erh Tea Properly

The Pu Erh tea processing technology is completely different, it is a fully fermented tea. In fact, as time goes on, the taste of Pu Erh becomes richer and richer if the storage method is proper.

Avoid contact with strong odors
Let Pu Erh tea away from the heavier taste, Pu Erh tea is a long-time fermentation of tea, any smell that it contacted will be absorbed, and finally affect the tea flavor.

A certain amount of air
Don't put Pu Erh tea in a sealed container. If you have only a small amount of tea and you intend to drink it within a year or less, it is ok to keep it in a sealed bag. If you have a lot of Pu Erh tea, you need to allow a slow drying air flow, which can further increase the taste of tea. If it is loose leaf tea, you can open the tea bag part, or put the tea in a sealed ceramic tea pot.

Stable Humidity
Maintain relatively stable ambient humidity. Keep Pu Erh away from very dry or damp conditions. The too dry environment will slow down the fermentation of Pu Erh tea. While, if too wet, it will cause tea moldy. Besides, The unstable humidity environment will affect tea fermentation and taste.

Taking Notes
It is a very interesting thing that take notes of the Pu Erh tea that you own, and record the changes every year. A few years later, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the fermentation of Pu Erh tea, which will help you to understand the degree of Pu Erh tea fermentation.

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