Huangshan Maofeng Green Tea

Huangshan Maofeng Green Tea

Maofeng tea is a famous high-quality green tea that produced in Huangshan, China, and it is known for its fresh taste. Most Maofeng are not kneaded, instead they maintain their natural shape during processing. This special Maofeng tea uses a simple and mordern oven to bake, which allows the tea to maintain the original green and pure natural flavor, clean taste and soft aroma.

Compared with other green tea, our Maofeng green tea has a very high-quality. In mid-April we picked fresh tea leaves, picking standard is one bud and two leaves, these fresh tea leaves can ensure that the Maofeng tea has the higher quality and better taste.

Maofeng Tea Original
Maofeng tea grows in Anhui Province, China, a natural high-quality organic tea plantation, elevation of up to 1,000 meters, the beautiful environment, mild climate, fertile soil, abundant rainfall, which is the ideal place for the growth of tea. In addition, the tea plantation is far away from the industrial area and it not using any pesticides to guarantee the healthiest natural tea.

Since the 16th century, Maofeng has not been much attention in the market, and many people do not know Maofeng tea. In 1875, the local tea growers who is also a tea businessman improved the original tea production method and developed a unique tea produced method, which can produce premium and good taste green tea and the tea is liked by many people. Later, Maofeng was named one of Chinese top ten tea, it is also Chinese top grade green tea.

Tea Picking
Maofeng tea picking season begins just after the Qing Ming Festival in China, the picking standard is all buds, and the tea produced with buds is best quality and the price is very expensive. Followed picked on early May, Picking standard is one bud with two leaves, it is the most maofeng tea that we see at the market, not only has a good quality and taste, but also has a cheap price.

Tea Processing
Huangshan Maofeng is hand-picked, and then transported back to the factory. The fresh tea leaves before baking, it naturally wither for several hours, and then baked in a lower temperature oven two to three times, each baking time is three to five hours. The time and intensity of each baking depends on the tea and air moisture.

Dry Tea
Dry tea keep the tea fresh leaves green. When you brew a cup of green tea, the leaves look just like the fresh leaves on the top of tea plant. The tea liquid color is clean and translucent with floral fragrance.

Tea Taste
When brewing Maofeng Tea, the water temperature does not exceed 90 degrees Celsius. Due to maofeng belongs to green tea, if the water temperature is too high, it will destroy the tea ( especially high-grade green tea ) nutrients and taste. We recommend that the water temperature is about 80-85 degrees Celsius, brewing 2-3 minutes, then filter out the tea. Good maofeng tea has delicate and smooth taste with rich aroma, it is very enjoyable and memorable.

Purchase Maofeng Tea Skills
Now huangshan tea area planted a lot of tea varieties, different tea varieties have different characteristics, even if produced the same grade of tea, the taste, flavor, aroma and appearance is also vary. If you buy tea at the local tea shop, you can taste it first; if you buy tea online, you can read some tea reviews which can help you to choose good tea, In fact, I prefer to buy tea online, not only can buy high-quality and new tea, but also has a cheap price.