15 Scientific Jasmine Tea Benefits And Side Effects

15 Scientific Jasmine Tea Benefits And Side Effects

Jasmine tea has a long history in China and is one of the most Chinese popular tea. Because of its strong jasmine fragrance and a variety of health benefits, it is loved by many people in the world and is considered to be one of the healthiest drinks. Due to many jasmine tea are based on green tea, it not only retains the taste and health substance, but also has the unique flavor of jasmine. After brewing, the tea water tastes smooth delicate with soft intoxicating aroma, which makes people enjoyable and relaxed. The most important is that it contains varieties of health substances, such as catechins, tea polyphenols, a certain amount of caffeine, etc, and often drinking jasmine tea could help you to keep a very good health.

I.Types Of Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is a flavored tea with a special jasmine aroma, it mainly produced in Fujian Province of China and is also one of Chinese famous tea. Typically, most of jasmine tea has green tea as the tea base, however, some use black tea or white tea. Therefore, the production of jasmine tea has a subtly sweet taste with highly strong fragrance. At present, jasmine tea is widespread in the world and is the common drink in tea shops. Most of the jasmine tea varieties we have seen include Jasmine Green Tea ( Silver Needle Tea, Silver Tip Tea, Yin Hao, Jasmine Pearls Tea ), Jasmine Black Tea, Jasmine Oolong Tea and Jasmine White Tea.

II.Health Benefits Of Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is a very healthy natural drink, it is known for its rich aroma and health benefits. As we all know, jasmine tea is rich in beneficial substances, including pure natural antioxidants - tea polyphenols, catechin, aromatic compounds and abundant of mineral elements. Scientific investigation found that drink jasmine tea regularly has many benefits for the health, such as relieving pressure, enhancing human immunity, lowering cholesterol levels, eliminating harmful free radicals, skin care, anti-aging and improving oral health. In this article, it will be shown you some of the amazing health benefits of jasmine tea.

1.Powerful Antioxidant Propeties

One of the best health benefits of jasmine tea that we all know is that has very high content of tea polyphenol antioxidants, which we often called tea catechins. A scientific study by the Chinese Hong Kong University found that the tea antioxidants work in the body to detect and destroy free radicals or harmful substances that may harm the immune system and cause disease. and regular drinking of jasmine green tea can also protect red blood cells from free radicals, thereby reducing the damage of free radicals on the human body.
( Free Radicals is an oxidized molecule with unpaired electrons, it could steal electrons form other molecules to supplement their missing electrons as they circulate through your body. This process could can damage the body's cells. )
Different antioxidant properties can be obtained depending on which type of tea is used as a basis. Such as green tea is the most common base of jasmine tea, it contains high levels of catechins, While black tea contains high levels of theaflavins.

2.Jasmine Tea Promotes Weight Loss

Jasmine Tea Weight Loss

Many people are looking for easy and fast weight loss tips, if you know the benefits of jasmine tea, you should know that this tea helps promote weight loss. Scientific research has found that the antioxidant properties of jasmine tea help to speed up the body's metabolism, which helps the body more quickly and effectively to process nutrients to achieve the effect of weight loss. According to an article about weight loss and jasmine tea, people who often drink jasmine tea are usually thinner and slimmer than those who do not. Besides, the reduction of fat has a certain relationship with the intake of jasmine tea, it can help you maintain a good figure by regularly drinking jasmine tea.
Supplementary Note: Jasmine Tea is a supplementary method of weight loss, a well balanced diet and a cup of jasmine tea every day could help you keep a healthy weight.

3.Relieve Stress

About the benefits of jasmine tea, stress relief is one of one of them. In well-known aromatherapy, Jasmine Essential Oils are considered to have a calming effect. Later, scientific research has confirmed that the soothing scent of jasmine can indeed calm down the mood and reduce heart rate, so it is also regarded as a calming sedative. When you are stress out, anxious or nervous, try a cup of hot jasmine tea. In addition, jasmine tea can also help reduce headaches and other symptoms.

4.Improve Human Immunity

In fact, jasmine tea has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, therefore, it plays a very important role in preventing colds and flu. In addition, because it contains abundant of antioxidants, which has the effect of protect cells and enhance immunity. As we all know, the immune system is the first line of defense against various diseases, so strengthening the immune system has many benefits for the body. Besides, it is believed that using a little jasmine tea to gargle the mouth every day could prevent diseases, and drinking jasmine tea can also help people to accelerate the recovery to a certain extent.

5.Benefits For Skin

Skin care is also one of the benefits of jasmine tea. Since jasmine tea has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so it helps to reduce acne and remove scars from acne. Besides, the tea polyphenol antioxidants that jasmine tea contains has the effect of protect cells and delay cell aging to some degree. In fact, jasmine tea a widely used ingredient in many skin care products and cosmetics, especially its extracts and tea oil has the effects of moisturizing the skin, reducing skin dryness, increasing skin elasticity and protecting skin from damages. If you want to have a healthy and good skin, you could try to drink a cup of jasmine tea every day.

6.Anti Aging and Slow Down Aging Process

Another one of the benefits jasmine tea that you must know is that drinking jasmine tea regularly could effectively and naturally slow down aging. Scientific research has found that tea polyphenols and other antioxidants in teas can damage free radicals in cells, which could slowing cell death and delaying human aging. If you want to maintain beautiful-delicate skin and slow down the aging process, you can try to add this kind ofjasmine green tea to your daily diet.

7.Reduce and Lower Cholesterol Levels

According to a scientific study, regular drinking jasmine tea helps to reduce cholesterol and fat levels in the body. Scientists have found a compound in jasmine tea that has the effect of reducing cholesterol in the livers and blood. Besides, often drinking of jasmine tea could also prevent the accumulation of cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease.

8.Improve Cardiovascular Health

According to the Chinese Health News report, Jasmine tea can improve cardiovascular health to some extent, which is a very good news for those people who are suffering cardiovascular diseases. According to a study on Tea Polyphenols And Cardiovascular Health by Chinese Tea Science Research Institute, The tea polyphenols in Jasmine Tea have a very important inhibitory effect on the useless cholesterol produced after inflammation. In other words, Jasmine tea may help improve cardiovascular health in other different ways. In addition, frequent drinking of jasmine tea or green tea could help you maintain good blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and more importantly, the antioxidants contained in jasmine tea can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

9.Benefit To heart Health

The bad cholesterol in the arteries could be inflamed after oxidation, which can lead to stroke and heart attack. In an important study on tea composition, it was found that jasmine tea contains a substance that inhibits LDL - Tea Catechins. About tea catechins, it can inhibit the oxidation process, thus reducing cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It is a very good news for people with heart and cardiovascular disease. Jasmine tea has provide a great help in preventing this problem.

10.Improve Digestive System And Promote Intestinal Digestion

One of the important benefits of jasmine tea is that it can promote intestinal digestion and prevent some intestinal diseases. Of all the beneficial substances in tea, Tea Polyphenols and Catechins have a very positive effect on many health areas including the gastrointestinal system. They activate many intracellular antioxidants and interact well with gastrointestinal enzymes, and then promote the health of gastrointestinal function. If your digestive tract is not good, you can try adding jasmine black tea to your daily diet, which may help to improve your digestion to some extent.

11.Improve Sleep Quality

Jasmine tea helps to relax the autonomic nervous system, which can guarantee you a restful night's sleep. If you suffer from sleep problems or are often difficult to fall asleep, try a cup of hot jasmine tea every day. It fact, this is one of the best benefits of jasmine tea.

12.Good For Oral And Dental Health

The characteristic substances found in jasmine tea can effectively kill the bacteria in the oral and reduce inflammation. Frequent drinking of jasmine can also control the growth of bacteria in the mouth, reduce the acidity in the saliva and remove plaque. In addition, jasmine tea has some other benefits to the mouth, including: reduce halitosis, prevent tooth decay and treat gum disease. Therefore, it is very necessary to drink a cup of jasmine tea or gargle with it every day.

13.Antibacterial And Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Jasmine Tea Anti Inflammatory

Some people find that people who often drink jasmine tea have a good immunity. Studies have shown that jasmine essential oil and tea polyphenol antioxidants in tea have a certain degree of defense against bacterial infections and are also considered as natural antibiotics. In addition, jasmine tea can also promote the formation of beneficial bacterial in the human body, so as to improve the digestive function and intestinal system, meanwhile, reducing the risk of diseases, such as stomach and diarrhea.

14.Improving Energetic And Attention

Generally speaking, all teas basically contain a certain amount of caffeine. As we all know, caffeine is a natural refreshing ingredient. Drink a cup of jasmine tea every day, not only can you have more energy, but also can improve your attention, which could increasing your work efficiency. If you take too much caffeine, it may cause you to have insomnia or other side effects.

15.Prevent And Reduce Cancer Risk

Cancer prevention is a health problem that the world has always wanted to solve, so anything that helps prevent cancer will be very popular. Chinese scientific research shows that antioxidants in tea can reduce the harmful effects of free radicals on the human body, which could prevent cancer to some extent, thereby reducing the risk of cancer. In all teas, jasmine green tea has the highest antioxidant content, so drinking a glass of jasmine tea every day not only reduce the risk of disease but also can slows down aging, it is one of the best benefits of jasmine tea for human health.

III.Jasmine Tea Side Effects

Although the health benefits of many jasmine teas are mentioned above, while the tea has some side effects in some aspects. In fact, no matter what kind of tea contain caffeine, studies have shown that a large amount of caffeine may have a certain damage to heart health and nerves, and the key is moderate. Here are some of the side effects of jasmine tea:

1.Tea And Caffeine

Tea is one of the important sources of caffeine, which affects people's health in different ways. In fact, caffeine can block some of the neurotransmitters in the brain and cause the feeling of energy or alert. Although jasmine tea has a relaxing effect, some people are very sensitive to tea, especially when drinking tea in large quantities. Therefore, we advise you consult with your doctor before adding jasmine tea to your daily diet or whether you have previously used caffeine-containing foods, which could ensure that drinking jasmine tea does not harm your body. In addition, different types of tea, caffeine content is also different. Please confirm the caffeine content with the tea seller before use.
Article About Tea And Caffeine.

2.Cause Intestinal Discomfort

Many people choose to use jasmine tea regularly to improve or enhance their metabolism, even as a sports accessory to achieve weight loss. However, You should remember that jasmine tea is acidic, so if you drink jasmine tea on an empty stomach or when you are hungry, it may cause intestinal discomfort and even pain.

3.Side Effects Of Pregnancy

Nowadays, Aromatherapy is popular, especially for many pregnant women during pregnancy. However, in fact, the chemical substances and strong odors contained in jasmine tea are not good for pregnant women, and in some case, using jasmine tea essential oil or drinking jasmine tea in large quantities can lead to premature contraction of the uterus. Therefore, when you are pregnant, if you want to drink jasmine tea, consult your doctor and then add it to your daily diet.