Keemun Black Tea - Chinese Flavor Tea

Keemun Black Tea - Chinese Flavor Tea

Keemun black tea is a famous Chinese flavor tea with tight and narrow leaves and has a rich aroma. Besides, It was listed as a famous Chinese tea by the China Tea Association. The tea was produced in the 19th century and soon became popular in Western countries, then it became the world's most popular black tea. It was once the royal tea in England, and now it loved by many black tea lovers. Keemun black tea is produced in Anhui, China, a small village, which has a good environment: mild climate, adequate sunshine, abundant rainfall, fertile soil. It is a good place for the tea plantation and the tea produced here has high quality.

History and Culture
Keemun black tea is synonymous with black tea, while in early 19th century, there is no Keemun black tea plantations. The most tea areas in China is devoted to the production of oolong tea, green tea, Pur Eh tea and other tea. Until the black tea favored by the Chinese and Britain, the local merchants decided to produce Keemun black tea in Qimen Village. People finally mastered the production method of black tea after years of learning experiments, which involves a very complex fermentation process.

Besides Germany, France and the United States, Britain is also one of the major importers of tea. From 1935 to 1945, The price of keemun black tea is higher than other teas, such as Chinese Lapsang Souchong, Indian Ceylon black tea. So far, Keemun black tea is still enjoy a high reputation in the world and loved by many people. British royals and aristocratic families regarded it as a healthy and popular high-grade drink, and now many people also give Keemun black tea as a best tea gift to family or friends.

Keemun black tea has won many prizes in the international Tea Contest. The main awards:
Keemun black tea won the gold medal at the Italian World Expo in 1913;
It won golden medal in the Tea Expo held in Panama in 1915;
Keemun black tea won the gold medal at the Twenty-sixth Advanced Food Products Competition in Belgium in 1987;
Keemun won the Gold Award at the first Chinese Food Expo in 1988

Brewing and Tasting
Keemun black tea has a rich aroma and unique flavor ( it is slightly different from the taste of other black tea), this kind of tea is made from high-quality fresh tea tender, which make the taste is more delicate.

Brewing Keemun black tea with glass or ceramic tea cups, which can make the liquid is bright and reddish-brown, and the aroma is very thick. When drinking with some cakes, bread, sugar or milk, it will taste better, and the aroma in the mouth can last a long time. Enjoy a cup of hot Keemun black tea with your family or friends on a casual afternoon, then you'll find the fun and enjoy it.