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Oolong Tea Sampler

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Health Benefits: Skin Care, Keep Fit, Remove Harmful Free Radicals, Relieve Stress. See more "Health Benefits of Oolong Tea"

Steeping Instructions: Pouring the hot water to the teapot or tea cup and steep for 2-3minutes, Then filtered the oolong Tea out. See more about "How to Brew Oolong Tea"

Tea Samplers: Tie Guan Yin, Da Hong Pao, Monkey Picked Tea and Jasmine Oolong

Ingredients: Premium Oolong Tea, Less Caffeine

Country of Origin: China, Wuyi Mountains

Storage: Anti-moisture, Anti-odor, Away from direct sunlight


We are the best Chinese tea brand, Providing the best service and guarantee. There are varieties high-quality teas, and all teas are fully compliant with EU standards.

Tea Knowledge

This is an affordable and high quality oolong tea sampler, which includes four carefully selected Chinese famous teas, such as Tie Guan Yin, Da Hong Pao, Monkey Picked Tea and Jasmine Oolong, and each of them has a unique flavor and taste. If you are a oolong tea beginner or a lover and want to try different oolong teas, our tea sampler is very suitable for you. About oolong tea and its benefits, due to oolong is semi-fermented tea, it has the characteristics of some black and green tea, rich aroma, delicate and sweet taste, which is well-loved by many people. In addition, oolong tea contains the right amount of antioxidant - tea polyphenols and a small amount of caffeine, so it has the effects of protecting cells, skin care, improving immunity and making people energetic. it also contains rich mineral elements that can be absorbed by the body, which is very beneficial to health. Oolong tea samplers, the best choice for any tea lover and beginners, it is also a healthy and special gift.

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