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Snow Bud Green Tea 80g

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    Green tea  |Since from China

    Xue Ya is born in Fujian Province, the origin of white tea. Note the "bai hao" (white hairs) on each wiry bud; this is he sign of a quality leaf. Each infusion results in a pale, aromatic liquor. Since the leaves have not been crushed, the delicate flavor is best enjoyed on a clean palate.

    Organic Snow Buds ( Xue Ya) is considered a new of white tea that was developed in the 1980's using authentic Fujian white tea bushes according to a special process that involves nuances of white tea and green tea production. It's clear infusion offers a fresh green flavor and aroma of roasted chestnut.


    The annual average temperature of 18-22 degrees Celsius,t he mean annual precipitation about 2,000 mm.


    96.3% of forest cover, the aver-age elevation of tea area is about 1200 meters.


    The average humidity is 80 percent, the soil PH of 4.5 to 5,30 to go centimeters of soil thickness. Subtropical monsoon climate.


    Organic Snow Buds(Xue Ya) tea is a rare white tea that is hand harvested in very limited quantities for Rishi on the high mountain peaks of northern Fujian, China. It's clear infusion offers a fresh green note with a complex savory flavor and aroma that can be likened to toasted grains and baked sweet potato. The hand harvested one leaf and a bud is covered with a silvery white down that is indicative of reserve quality white tea. The impressive taste is sweet and savory with a clear infusion that is suprisingly full favored and smooth. It exhibits nuances of both green and white tea.

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