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Pumpkin Glass Tea Set 600ml/20oz

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Includes: 1 Glass Teapot, 6 Glass Tea Cups, 1 tea strainer, Safety Package.

Teapot: 600 ml/20oz, Width 20 cm (7.9 inches), Height 12 cm (5.1 inches).

Tea Cup: 50 ml (1.7 oz).

Material: Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass

Weight: 1.5 kg.

Country of Origin: China


We are one of the best and largest teaware brand in China. and all of our glass tea sets are made of Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass. We provide the best service and guarantee, if you have any problems, we will try our best to solve it as soon as possible. Have a good day, our friend!

About Glass Tea Sets

This pumpkin glass tea set has a novel and unique design with a stylish appearance. It consists of a high-quality glass teapot and six glass teacups. This tea set is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, good quality and easy to clean. Not only exquisite and durable, the price is moderate, suitable for all kinds of tea and teabags, it could be used in the home or office. Due to the material is clear glass, you could be clearly see the tea leaves or flower teas slowly stretching it the water, you could also see the color of water becomes deeper and deeper. There will release strong aroma when the tea poured into the teacups. This is an excellent glass tea set, you deserve it, and I believe you and your family will love it.

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