Product Returns
Our is fully committed, if you receive a product that does not meet our high standards, please contact us in time, and we hope to have the opportunity to be corrected. In general, we will review the order and packing several times before shipping to ensure that you are satisfied with the items ordered.
If you want to return the items without any defects, which can not be resold tea or tea sets,we will charge a 35% fee to cover the related expenses.

Received Damaged Items
If the item is damaged, please contact us by email or telephone, meanwhile, you need to indicate that the item has been damaged, you need to refund or exchange so that we can better help you solve the problem.
Please Note: If the item is damaged, please provide the relevant picture to our staff, which will help to speed up the problem solving time.

Disposal Fee
If you want to return just for the customer do not like the product, and the product is not defective or damaged, due to the returned products can not be resold, you need to pay 35% of the cost of the return.

Received Incorrect Items
If you are shipping the incorrect items due to our mistake, please contact us and point out that you received the incorrect item, we will send you a replacement again as soon as possible. If we need you to return the wrong product, we will provide you with a delivery address and we will bear all the relevant costs.

Refunds, Credit Card and Exchange Details
In applying for return, please remember to explain the reason, if there is damage or receive the incorrect product, please provide the relevant picture. If you need a refund, please provide the UnionPay Card number or PayPal account. Please Note: The refund will take about 3-5day, it depends on your bank or credit card agency. If you just want to replace the item, we can only provide the same item.