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Taiwan Ti Kuan Yin Tea 120g

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Health Benefits: Skin Care, Keep Fit, Relieve Stress. See more "Health Benefits of Oolong Tea"

Steeping Instructions: Pouring the hot water to the teapot or tea cup and steep for 2-3minutes, Then filtered the oolong Tea out. See more about "How to Brew Oolong Tea"

Ingredients: Premium Oolong Tea, Less Caffeine

Country of Origin: Taiwan, China

Storage: Anti-moisture, Anti-odor, Away from direct sunlight


We are the best Chinese tea brand, Providing the best service and guarantee. There are varieties high-quality teas, and all teas are fully compliant with EU standards.

About Oolong Tea

Taiwan Ti Kuan Yin tea is a famous Chinese oolong tea produced in Taiwan. As taiwan is fortunate enough to have a good environment for tea growth, and with the development of tea technology, Taiwan has produced many high-quality teas, including our Taiwan Tieguanyin. It used the traditional oolong tea processing method and belongs to semi-fermented tea, which has the partial black and green tea characteristic. Its shape is similar to Anxi Ti Kuan Yin, both of them are evenly tea pearls. When brewing, the tea pearls slowly open to long tea leaves in the water, and the taste and aroma become richer and richer with the soaking time. The tea has fresh, smooth taste with delicate orchid fragrance, which makes people very enjoyable. Scientific experiments have found that Taiwan Tie Guan Yin tea is rich in antioxidants - Tea Polyphenols, a substance that has skin care and anti-aging effects. In addition, it contains a large number of mineral elements that can be absorbed by the body, the people who often drink oolong tea have better human immunity. Taiwan Ti Kuan Yin, The best Taiwanese tea, and you deserve to have it.

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