Promises And Guarantees is Chinese largest tea supplier, providing more than 100 high-quality teas, and all of which are produced from the best tea producing areas. We spend several months each year to choose the best tea in many Chinese tea plantations, and we strictly control each process from tea-picking to tea-processing to ensure the quality of tea. At present, our tea can be shipped all over the world, and our customers are mainly from every corner of the globe. To ensure the quality of the tea, we sealed our tea in bags, then packed in a delicate tea jar, which can avoid contact with sunlight, air and humid environment and protect the tea well during transportation.

Our Promises

Because we have a strict process from tea picking to producing, which makes our company more secure than other tea companies. We insist on picking, processing and providing the best Chinese tea, and we have absolute confidence in the quality and taste of our tea.

We have a 100% guarantee on the quality of tea, planting, picking, processing, transportation, packaging. In addition, we provide our customers with a commitment:

1. To Our Customers

We promise that all the teas of our are made from the best Chinese tea gardens, and all of our teas have a good taste, and we guarantee the highest quality of tea and the lowest prices. Our tea includes: green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, Pu Erh Tea, loose leaf tea, organic tea, flavor tea.

If you are not satisfied with our tea for some reason, we promise to provide replacement, return and refund service within 30 days after purchase. For more information, please refer to our complete return policy.

2. To The Environment

We are equally committed to protecting the ecological environment and the welfare of those who produce tea for us:

Tea Pickers

We are a socially responsible and humane company, and we are dedicated to the well-being and rights of everyone who produces tea. In addition, all of our tea leaves are produced in Chinese natural tea plantations. From planting to processing, we do not use any fertilizers, pesticides to ensure the 100% natural characteristics of tea. All the workers have good working experience and good welfare benefits.

Protect The Good Ecological Environment

Tea contains many healthy elements that are beneficial to human health, and drinking tea regularly is very good for the body, but it requires a healthy and natural environment to produce good tea. We promise that all our tea-producing areas are natural and without any pollution. In addition, our tea plantation environment is far more than the environmental standards of tea in other place, and all of our teas are completely natural and do not use any fertilizers, pesticides or chemical food additives, and we have international SGS safety certification.

If you have any questions about our promises and guarantees, please contact us and we will try our best to solve your problems.