What Is Jasmine Tea

What Is Jasmine Tea

What is jasmine tea?
Jasmine tea is a kind of tea with jasmine fragrance. The production of jasmine tea is based on green tea, sometimes with white tea or black tea. So jasmine tea has a good flavor with rich jasmine aroma, it is also the most famous fragrant tea in China.
Jasmine tea is thought to have been made by the Chinese long time ago, In the Qing Dynasty people began to export to Western countries, Its taste is liked by many people. Today, It still is a common drink for tea shops around the world.
Modern biological research shows that jasmine tea contains several different types of antioxidants, which can provide protection for human cells, and often drink jasmine tea is benefits for the health.

Tea Production
Jasmine plants grow in high altitude mountains, and it is mainly produced with Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Zhejiang and other regions, of which Fujian production of jasmine tea has the best quality.
Tea is picked in early spring, then store it until the summer when the fresh jasmine flower are in bloom. We picked the jasmine flower bloom and keep it fresh. In the evening, jasmine bloom and release their fragrance, this time the tea has absorb the aroma of jasmine, the taste of tea changes. There are mainly two methods for tea to absorb the aroma of jasmine. One is to place the tea leaves in alternate layers. The other method is to mix the tea leaves with the flowers. This process may be repeated six or seven times to allow the tea leaves to fully absorb the aroma of jasmine . Because the tea will absorb moisture from fresh jasmine, the tea also needs to be dried again to prevent mildew and increase storage time.

Tasting of Jasmine Tea
There are many factors that determine the taste of jasmine tea, including the use of tea varieties (black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea), planting areas of jasmine and tea, environment, and brewing tea method.
Jasmine Pearl Tea Ball is made of high-quality fresh tea leaves, it has a rich aroma and delicate taste.

Caffeine Content of Jasmine Tea
All tea contains a certain amount of caffeine, which is a natural substance in tea, it has a refreshing effect. While content of caffeine in jasmine tea depends on what kind of tea is made and the tea production methods. The most jasmine tea is based on green tea, some are white tea or black tea. Generally speaking, Green tea contains a low caffeine content, but is higher than white tea. See more about Tea and Caffeine.

How to Store Jasmine Tea
Some people say they do not like jasmine tea, because they do not like the taste. In fact, they are likely to buy some poor quality tea, or even the stain tea. To ensure that you drink a cup of high-quality jasmine tea, you can buy it from the local well-known tea shop or online, and you should be sure of the shelf life, origin (jasmine tea, Fujian, China produced has the best quality) and how to brew tea.
Sometimes tea stored methods is not proper, it will make the taste of jasmine tea change. The fermented of Jasmine black tea is higher than Jasmine green tea or white tea, so the storage time of jasmine black tea much longer than others. The taste of Jasmine green tea and white tea is delicate, while black tea is slightly sweet.

How to Brew Jasmine Tea
Different jasmine tea brewing methods are different, Below is the general jasmine green tea brewing method.
Use pure, fresh water, the best water is spring water, then boiled water.
The temperature of water is generally about 80 degrees, if the temperature is too high, it will be destroy the nutrients of jasmine tea, and may make the tea bitter. If too low, the taste and aroma can not be released completely.
Pour the hot water into the teapot and soak for 1-2 minutes, the taste and aroma of the tea can be completely released. Some high-quality jasmine tea can be repeatedly brewed, but it may be loss some flavor, then we can properly extend the brewing time.

Remember: If we add sugar or milk in the jasmine tea, it is likely to lose the original jasmine flavor.