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Top-Grade Yin Hao Jasmine Green Tea 90g

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Caffeine: Green Tea which is weight loss tea has very little Caffeine, The content less than a quarter of coffee in a similar sized cup. See more about Tea & Caffeine

Steeping Instructions: Add green tea, pouring the boiling water to the teapot or tea cup and steep for 1-3minutes, Then filtered the tea out. Green Tea Steeping Instruction

Ingredients: Green Tea, Jasmine Tea, 0 Calories

Country of Origin: Fujian Province of China

Storage: Anti-moisture, Anti-odor, Away from direct sunlight


We are one of the best tea brand in China. Providing the best service and guarantee, and all of our teas has high quality and the cheapest price, and are on full compliance with EU standards.

Green Tea Knowledge

So far, the production of jasmine tea has been more than 1000 years of history. Just as you know, Yin Hao jasmine tea is also known for Silver Needle or Silver Tip Tea, which is one of the most popular teas in the world. About jasmine tea, it is mainly produced in China and the tea produced in Fujian Province has the best quality. At early spring, we pick fresh premium tea leaves by 100% hand, then processed by Chinese traditional green tea processing method, and then mixed dry teas with fresh jasmine flowers to make it fully absorb the jasmine aroma, finally get this high quality tea. The combination of pure green tea and jasmine makes it have a very wonderful taste. When brewing, the tea released a soft jasmine fragrance and soon fill your entire room. The taste is smooth and sweet with absolutely no bitterness. If you take a sip, it will give you a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Overall, This top grade Yin Hao jasmine green tea is ideal and very suitable for you leisure time either at home or in your office.

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